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Code of Conduct

G4S's Core Values represent who we are and provide, without question, the standard of behavior by which we conduct business. These values are the heart, soul, and character of G4S. Our Code encompasses the values that have been and will continue to be vital to the future success of G4S. Our Core Values represent how we deal with our customers. This is the legacy we will leave for generations to come.

The following Core Values represent the cornerstone of our Code of Conduct. While achieving these high standards, we aspire to live our lives and conduct our business with:


  • Be truthful, accurate and straightforward.
  • Be candid and non-deceptive in communication and conduct.


  • Maintain consistency between your and behavior - walk your talk!


  • Endeavor to be reasonable, open-minded, impartial, even-handed, and non-discriminatory in all your dealings.

Consideration of Others

  • Respect the dignity, rights, safety,ideas, opinions and personal property of others.

Pursuit of Excellence

  • Consistently apply diligence, perseverance, attention to detail, and good work habits to ensure quality projects, products and excellent customer service.


  • Be prompt and responsive in business dealings within and outside the company.

Rapid Response
Because we are open 7 days a week, all inquiries are replied to either the same day or within one business day. WE ARE usually available for an in-home consultation within 24 to 48 hours - often sooner. You’ll receive a written project proposal within 3 business days of your initial consultation (unless additional research is required.) Your project can begin within five business days of finalizing an agreement.

Real Numbers
When you receive a proposal for a construction project or reach an agreement to commence work, those numbers are final. There won't be any “unforeseen” expenses or variances between the estimate and the actual numbers. This remains true even if G4Sunderestimates your project. You have our assurance –– our numbers are real.

Completing The Job
One of the most common complaints about remodeling is that small items – a missing door handle or panel - often go unfinished for months. At G4S, we realize the importance of truly completing a project. We’ll make sure no unfinished items remain and that the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Careful planning of each phase of your project is essential. Your remodeling consultant and project manager plan your project so that materials are delivered on time - and as needed. G4S works hard to plan your project to meet your goals.

The Project Manager
The project manager will be your best friend and advocate. He or she will be your contact person during the construction phase of your renovation. The project manager is the liaison between the trade professionals, the company and you. He or she will schedule, supervise, control and inspect the project - as well as solve any issues that should arise. He is essential to the success of your project. He or she will walk you through each step of production –– planning, designing, budgeting, selecting materials, and providing technical solutions, advise and answers to all your questions. Your project manager will monitor your project daily.

Personal Service
Your project is important – to you and to us. The professionals at G4S offer outstanding personal service from the beginning of your project to its completion. you’ll be treated with the proper respect and understanding you deserve . G4S is truly dedicated to making your experience run as smoothly as possible.

Finding creative solutions to challenges is something we take great pride in. At G4S you’ll find the latest products, designs and innovations. Careful planning is essential, but occasionally unexpected issues arise. We meet those issues head on. The G4S team to keep your project moving forward.

The key to the success of your project is good communication. And, a big part of communication is listening. From the beginning of a project to its end, G4S places a high priority on listening - to you, your needs and wishes – and on keeping the lines of communication open.

Construction is all about teamwork. It's a key factor in keeping a project running smoothly. At G4S, we value the idea of teamwork so highly we’ve made it one of our guiding principles.